The OFFMar idea was launched in 2007, as a response to pointless wheel-spinning and oversaturation in, first, the commercial real estate market; then later, general deal flow pipelines. Whether chasing 5-star hotels, gold mines or jet fuel, the 'OFFMar idea' was to offer viable, OFFMar-ket opportunities to public and private firms, funds and HNWI...without the usual flailing daisy-chains of "advisors", "brokers" and clamoring mouths to feed. By eliminating these too often time-wasting middlemen - especially those with little or no connection to, or experience with, the target property or project being sought or offered - the OFFMar idea was to become positioned to offer directly available, off-market opportunities, directly to buyers and end-user clientele.

In 2011, the OFFMar Group of trusted consortium partners was established. Focusing attention on three (3) core businesses, solar energy, international real estate and corporate event services (while leaving "commodities" to the big guys), OFFMar Group LLC, a Delaware Limited Liability Company registered extra-provincially in Ontario, Canada, maintains the original OFFMar idea: to offer direct 'OFFMar'-ket project sourcing and consultation via a valued network of private contacts, public databases and independent research; plus expertise, access and orientation to calendar-driven global events of distinction.

The OFFMar Group consortium of preferred and strategic international partners is positioned to offer uniquely available renewable (solar) energy projects and development; luxurious real estate consultation; and executive lifestyle events and services, globally, at the local level: dedicated Local opportunities ... Worldwide.

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The OFFMar Group - Solar Energy Consultation, Corporate Event Services and Local Opportunities ... Worldwide